To repair means to restore something that is damaged or is faulty.

It could be a kitchen appliance that is acting up.

Or a broken heart.

Repair means that nothing once broken is wasted.

A spare part might do it, or a bit of knowledgeable tinkering.

Repair is a darn. A stitch. A conciliatory word.

It’s a closing up. And, in relationships, a closure.

Because of course, hearts break.

And unless a dedication to repair is created,

things remain broken.

Our responsibility to self (and the landfill) is to take the time…

Find the glue, thread the needle, tie the knot… And find the “fix”.

Repairs, of course, don’t always return things to the way they were.

There is usually, a remnant. A scar, a woolly stitch or patch.

But repairs are always worth trying.

In these months of hibernation, setting aside some moments for repair is fitting.

And, of course, since February is Valentine’s month, there’s the thought that love

– soulful, undemanding, platonic - a puppy’s kiss, a friend’s hug, as well as that

lover’s kiss – reminds us of the ultimate repair: that love in its purest, most

selfless self, heals.

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