A Different Growing Season

Shorter days, a mellowing of the sun and cooler nights bring the sight of that strange intermix of style as late summer meets autumn in the transitional chaos of flip flops and sweaters, tank tops and boots.
September is the mellow month. It’s socks and packing a hoodie. It’s the sight of birds foraging berries, and butterflies preparing for their migration. For moms its back to school with all the chaos and scheduling that brings. And for all of us it’s the chance to shed the easy-come, easy-go, don’t sweat it, flow of summer for something other. The anxious-happy-let’s get going “Back to School” mentality of our childhood seldom if ever truly leaves us. There’s something about the upcoming “term” in which there’s a sense of needing to shake it up. We pick up class schedules, resolve to learn that craft, art or language or decide to reinvigorate our exercise regime. These new beginnings in our life are empowering. They enrich our lives through learning different skills and, in meeting other people, allow us to cultivate new relationships outside our friend and work networks. Thus Fall is a growing season with a difference. It’s about you, discovering new things, and through external nourishment growing as a person…
Go outside your safe zone. Talk to a stranger (you never know what perspectives they can add to your life). Learn something different.

Discover “different”. Change your running route. Shop a different ‘hood. Discover a different ambience, a different point of view.

Plan a fall supper menu based on local produce or a vegetable you’ve never cooked.

Renew your library card and start reading.

Tackle something you feel you never got a handle on! Say that power tool! Ask a friend to teach you.

Rediscover a night out at the movies with friends instead of a solo night in with Netflix.

Set new intents for personal growth/spiritual development.

 Pack away summer. Wash and iron summer clothes you don’t need anymore. Make it mindful and with each fold, remember the pleasures summer provided and the delights Fall will bring. Embrace the new season and grow with it!

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