Our Story

The creator, designer, and artist of this lively company is Maureen Bradshaw. Lovbird is the realization of her artistic free spirit combined with a heart-felt belief that, for the sake of this planet, we all need to live more mindfully. From the hand-drawn images that adorn the garments, and the thoughtful words that accompany them, to the organic cotton and fair-wage manufacture of its garments, Lovbird hopes that each t-shirt brings good feelings - and the inspiration to live up to our responsibilities to the earth, its creatures and each other.

Maureen, CEO, Ethical clothing Toronto Ontario

Lovbird tees reflect our dedication to “eco-conscious clothing” and looking after our planet. Supportive of “local cultures” we look to the far and near. Our tees are made from 100% organic cotton and are manufactured in a verified fair wage factory in Tirupur, India that provides support and employment to local workers. Sourced by us through an ethical apparel broker, this factory custom-dyes the 100% certified organic cotton with our colour choices and then cuts and sews the shirts to our patterns. The graphic design and drawings are created here in our Toronto Beaches studio and are silk-screened at a local Toronto print shop. As the company reaches out its arms, we will continue to support local artisans and craftspeople.

All the cottons and dyes used in the t-shirts are certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standards GOTS. 



We believe global is the new “local” and are happy to inform you that Lovbird supports smaller scale, socially responsible manufacturing facilities around the globe. A world-leader in the production of organic cotton, India is the source of our fabric with production of our garments being completed locally in a smaller factory where workers are provided with safe working conditions and fair wages. Our production associates have been to the factory and can verify that we produce a quality ethically produced, socially responsible garment that helps raise families out of wage-slave conditions and poverty. Sharing our good fortune with those in other countries who do not live in the abundance we take for granted is what Lovbird believes in!


Maureen began her career as a graphic designer/creative director who, for a decade, co-owned a successful award-winning Toronto design firm. With her passion for design, painting, typography and nature, a hands-on silkscreening course was the impetus she needed to begin her journey combining fabric with art. When the “fabric” became beautifully soft, organic cotton tees, Lovbird became a reality. Take a look at her other passion...

Maureen Bradshaw - Fine Art



The Spirits

The Creator, Designer and Visionary of Lovbird, Maureen leads the design and direction of the company and fulfills her passion by designing each new garment and thoughtfully creating and selecting her favourite drawings and quotes for each new piece. She is very grateful to be working with a selection of talented individuals who all share a common purpose — spreading good vibes.

The Stylist for Lovbird, Tiffany is ready to dress the set and our models at Lovbird photoshoots. And, with her forward thinking in fashion and colour, she works to improve and enhance the impact of Lovbird.

Social Media Wiz, Ali adds her expertise to our online marketing and keeps you informed and up-to-date about Lovbird's actions.