Flower Empowered

Flowers have aromas, beauty, pollinator-pull and even symbolism…So why not plant our garden, or pick our Valentine bunches, with their meanings in mind?

Spring on the brink? Since this is Canada, “not quite”. But it’s time to think “spring” and “garden” and to browse the seed catalogues and, in planning ahead, consider a garden/ planter /window box in which plants are chosen for their symbolism. Gardener, or garden gazer, here’s a fun look at a meaningful bunch of our favorite floral picks based on their ability to delight our senses as well as their positive meanings -  plucked from Victorian age floriography, of course!

Bluebell – Springtime’s reminder of our need for constancy – in love, in friendship, in staying healthy and remaining true to self!

Lavender – Snip some, place on your sweetie’s  pillow as a symbol of devotion. If they miss the message, lavender dried or in sachets also calms makes it a desirable addition to the bedroom.

Snowdrop – Their welcome appearance at winter’s end symbolizes hope but perhaps don’t put away that warm, cozy, puffer yet.

Echinacea –  A hardly sun-loving perennial that brings us the symbolism of strength and healing. And yes, as a supplement, we take it just for those reasons.

Lilac –  Scenting the garden with a perfumed air, the springtime appearance of lilac all too well reminds us of its something we all crave -  renewal!

Lily of the Valley – Another one to tease our senses! The delicately perfumed Lily of the Valley stands for the return of happiness. And yes, like happiness, it spreads!

Crocus, saffron – LOL! Brightening up the spring garden with their sunny demeanour, when fully open their happy little “faces”  gloriously depict what they stand for – mirth.

Violet – Somewhat shy, with a shade-loving demeanour, it’s no surprise that violets symbolize modesty. If your birthday is in February, embrace this as your fleur-du-jour, but please don’t be a shrinking violet!

Mignonette  When the meaning is your qualities surpass your charms, what’s there to live up to – and yet this tall yet dainty number does!

Foxglove: Symbolism?  Well, it’s complicated, but this bee-magnet of a bloom has several positive meanings i.e.:  intuition, creativity, and energy.

Aster – Staying strong and true throughout the late summer season, little wonder the starry-faced aster represents the power of faith + love.


The Love Buds

With V-day upcoming, a look at some of the flowers that stand for love – in all of its forms.

Red Roses –  By the dozen, or maybe just one beautiful stem, red roses are the classic  V- Day “love you” gift - their deep colour the very essence of romantic love.

Daffodil – Gay and bright as they appear in our garden, this favorite spring bloom actually stands for unrequited love. Gifting your sweetie?  A better choice might be Tulips (see below).

Tulip – Tall and upstanding, the tulip with its cupped petals that slowly open wide, represents the power of deep unconditional love.

Forget-me-nots Sigh! So adorable these tiny blooms symbolize true love, respect and, most  poetically, never being forgotten…

Note:  If roses are beyond your means, then according to Italian and Portuguese traditions, a pot of Sweet Basil – representing fidelity - is just the thing to gift one's lover!

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