Hey, June

“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.” ― L. M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island

Ah…”always June”!  Wouldn’t that be nice.! As Canucks we wait a long time for the sixth month of the year and its promise of warm, sunny days, lighter, longer nights, eating al fresco, park and patio meet-ups, maybe a romance. But here’s a bug…Because, of course, June for all it’s blooming delights (strikingly tall flag iris, blowsy, showy peonies, the romantic of rose) summer is way too short – a mere 30 days before it slips into the high summer of July, but then of course, as if in some sort of bonus, June is two seasons, the summer solstice on the 21stt representing the moment that we can legitimately do a double somersault dive into summer proper. And that’s why, we have to make this month one in which we appreciate all that’s at least technically June-a-licious! Such as - the ease and lightness of getting up (sunshine!) and getting dressed (barely anything) . It's renewing our relationship with our favourite tees  (“Bliss”).  It’s re-finding the beach by the lake you had all but forgotten about for seven months.  Sitting on the stoop of an evening chatting with neighbours as they walk by (often with panting pooches in tow). Succumbing to all that’s fresh and local – the rhubarb that becomes pies, crisps ,and the topping on our yogurt. The crispy spears of asparagus that adorn our plates were weapons to delight the palate. The displays of blooms that appear to add colour and vibrancy to our streets as they simultaneously beckon us to buy a bunch. The liberties we can take – sandwiches for lunch, sandwiches for dinner, sandals on our feet,  it’s summer, so who cares about being on schedule and being normal? Suitably protected, we air our skin for the vitamin D that will be our reward. We renew friendships that have lain dormant throughout our winter hibernation. We rejoice. We warm to June as it warms to us and while June at this moment in time is, alas, not necessarily the bluebell woods and eternal sunshine of the Junes of yesterday, we should approach them as if they were and appreciate every beautiful moment, every bloom raising its petally head to the sky, every birdsong,  every morning that beckons us outside into soft and beautiful sunshine. Our dedication, whether it's finding that fresh local strawberry, or dipping your toe into the lake, make every day June-a-licious.

How do you like your local strawberries? In a bowl, topped with cream? For breakfast in a shake? Sweetly and juicily adorning a pastry? If the latter, here’s an easy dairy-free recipe from Nora Cooks that brings the sweet and delicious nature of June home



  1. Getting up in the morning and realizing that dressing is like “nothing”
  2. Hanging out on the front porch
  3. Park gatherings
  4. Picnics/eating "al fresco"
  5. Leafy streets, Blooming flowers
  6. Street festivals. Block parties.
  7. Happy feet (sandals, barefooting)
  8. Dips in the lake.
  9. Local goodies - rhubarb, asparagus, strawberries…
  10. Fireflies and shooting stars
  11. Washing lines on sunny days
  12. More chirps, less tweets.

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