Keep it Simple

“Keep it simple”

Sounds easy, pretty simple in fact, but when you think about it, could anything be more complicated?

As we head into 2024 wouldn't you love the thought of living a simpler life, so here’s some encouragement to get started!

Sounds easy? It can be - and yet in a world where there are a dizzying amount of things to think about, and info to consume, and where technology (developed ironically to add time to our lives) ends up, gobbling it up in huge indigestible chunks) is keeping it simple – that mindful intent that turns a jungle of a day into a calm oasis so hard?

Not if you turn your mind to it. And really, perhaps there’s no better time to start living simply than the start of a New Year.

So what is a simple life really?

Think of it as having a life that is more a haiku than an epic poem.

Or a nicely organized everything in its place Mondrian rather than a lovely messy Pollock.

For simplicity of life when well thought out, is a life that feels that it's absent of nothing, but which, in being devoid of too many unproductive distractions feels easier, more streamlined, and more manageable.

Like having more quality time, along with the clarity that comes from more mental and physical space. You may also find that the day becomes easier, slower, and even more graceful; the navigation - is more balanced, productive, creative, and thoughtful, and since you may have less to worry about, happier.

Where it starts, is changing the macro of your life to something at least a tad more micro.

(Note: no need to upend your life, baby steps are good!)

Just think of the things (or relationships) that frustrate you, suck up your energy, take up too much room, or drive you a bit batty (that disorganized anything in your life) and resolve to resolve them - then feel your energy and sense of well-being make a welcome return.

Something to remember when thinking about simplifying one’s life: one of the first two symbols we learn in arithmetic is plus and minus. The plus of simplification invariably comes from making some simple subtractions.  So go ahead and edit, delete, scratch, dump, erase, unsubscribe, get rid of and yes, declutter the things from your life or environment that are preventing you from feeling the joyous benefits of living that optimally simpler, contented, haiku-like “less is more” life. 



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