Rise into Fall...

A new season.  And one that, in countless paradoxical ways, sustains and nourishes us…


Fall…a season so aptly named, that

it falls into our lap like

the first leaf fluttering from the tree.

And yet far from “falling” into a new season.

Often, we feel ourselves rise.

As a drowsy, lazy summer,

cools to a crisp autumn,

there’s a kind of emotional and physical

awakening that

calls us outside to meandering

hikes through urban

parks and into nature.

And in doing these things – of looking

outward, we might feel our eyes open

to those seasonal sightings that make

us in awe of nature…

The murmurations of starlings,

v formations of Canadian Geese,

or the lucky sighting of clouds of

monarchs heading south.

As nature scuttles to find places to

overwinter, there’s the reminder of the cycles of

of life when we see flowers wilt

and the summer’s bounty returning to

earth and yet, within that we see that even

in fading (or falling) there’s sustenance to be had.

Blooms become seed heads, berries, food for our wildlife…

falling leaves compost down into the mulch

that nourishes our gardens.

There’s also the nourishment we attain

as we look ahead to next spring -  

planting seeds and pressing bulbs into the

still warm earth for next seasons colour.

It’s also a time of gathering (fruits, roots)

 and gatherings (people)

Because, yes, the autumnal offerings and

opportunities of October fill our bellies

and satisfy our social spirits!

And as the season progresses, we may

begin to feel more rooted – literally.

Instead of being everywhere for everyone,

home beckons as the warmly welcoming anchor place

where we reconnect with familiar home comforts –

the scents of soups and cinnamon-infused hot cider

on the stove, and fruit crumbles in the oven.

In these “inside” moments, we may

discover the delight of creating

light in the darkness –  the dreaminess of candlelit rooms and

log fires slowing us down, calming us,

and somehow giving us permission to rest.

And then there’s that time change.

While falling back in time,

now is also a time of moving forward…

A time to learn, to make…

To look inside and move ourselves forward in whatever

we feel

So Fall... may be a time for receding…

But perhaps, a time in whichever way you see fit,

to rise to the occasion.

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