Small, from nature, and full of delight! SMALL WONDERS!


There are many big and amazing wonders in the world.

But it is the small unanticipated wonders of nature

that can lead us to stop, watch, listen and 

absorb the wonder of their being. 



So often these small wonders appear to us

from a chance sighting…

During a stroll when you’re happily “in the moment”

not, in your mind, elsewhere…

Because a small wonder is just there.

Seen incidentally. Spotted as a surprise.

They are in the earth and in the sky.

Within the bustle of cities and the forest.

In contrast to the manufactured tech-dependent quality of life,

these small natural wonders,

and their sighting evokes something simple within us:

pure delight.



Small wonders come to us when our 

senses are open, receptive, un-muddled and un-cluttered.

See. Hear. Smell. Taste.

As poet, W. B. Yeats,  once said:

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.



Author, Parker Palmer’s "When the going gets rough - turn to wonder” is a legendary phrase, and it’s true - the small wonders of our world never ask anything of you and can, in that moment, brighten the day, blow away a bad mood, or open your mind to new possibilities in life. They can inspire a painting, a poem, but will always inspire delight. Further, observing a small wonder is proof of living in the moment.



A small wonder doesn’t announce itself.

It’s just there, living its life.

Quite ordinary, you think, but in that chance moment - 

life affirming and wonderful!

Small wonders appear throughout the year – but it is in

spring when they feel the most “optimal” - as in when we

chance on the first flower buds peeking through the earth,

or hear the first joyous “cucks” and  “chirrrr” of a returning robin…

Or spot the glorious fire-red of a male cardinal as it wisps through the garden.

You just have to recognize that it is what it is -

the experience of something small that enhances our collective

wonder at something bigger - the amazing world we live in.



Seeing a small wonder confirms our senses are awake.

And reminds us of the benefits of being mindful.

Also, because many of the world’s natural small wonders

are vulnerable to environmental changes our observation of them

leads us to the need for preservation.

Because now, more than ever,

we need a world where these small wonders - and the joy they bring to the

everyday - thrive.

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