The Month to Go with the Flow

April 2018

Rain showers. Gotta love them: for the nourishment they give our earth, for cleansing of our winter streets, for the joy they bring to our garden through softened earth and spring blooms. Nourishing, refreshing…Even when it pours we learn to “go with the flow”, puddle-jump or stay indoors for some quiet time.

Since our body is 60% water, drinking water – at least 8 glasses a day - is traditionally regarded as being good for us. Cups of herbal tea can contribute to this intake, but drinking it straight up is regarded as being best. Additional sources of water can come from eating fruits and veggies which are high in water: think celery, cucumbers and grapes….
Clever skin: as the body’s largest organ it can absorb moisture and eliminate it too. Lose too much (from overheating) and your skin feels tight and stressed.
The perfect quick fix for a quick rehydration or cool/calm down: a spritz.
Keep it handy for after energetic asanas, or simply make your own and personalize by adding a few drops of the pure essential oil of your choice
– rose, lavender, eucalyptus….
To try: 12 drops (or more or less) of your selected essential oil +1 cup distilled water + 1 teaspoon witch hazel. Swish together and store in (sterilized)
amber glass bottle in the fridge.

Laoz said it:“Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” If this sounds like way too much letting go…think of how a simple acceptance of a situation can change a negative into a positive …just by going with the flow. A small example might be missing your streetcar, and, instead of getting in a fuss about it, regarding it as a moment to catching up on some reading. Our Go With The Flow t-shirt is a reminder that when obstacles occur, not to brace yourself against them, but to embrace them and, like water finding its way around a stone, rhythmically flow on…
Vinyasa flow yoga is one of the options available for today’s yoga practitioner. While referencing the traditional asanas of yoga practice, it has its own rhythm and as such is open to the interpretations of any given teacher. Vinyasa means…the movement between yoga poses. While hatha yoga holds the asanas and pauses between transitions, flow yoga becomes like a wave, rising, falling, onward rolling with each breath, through every transition,
into a smooth, even, flow.

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