The Reset

2019 is under way.

You celebrated its launch quietly relaxing or with glamour and gusto.

But now, just weeks in, a slight slump sets in - in energy, inspiration, mood and motivation. Maybe you need a quick “reset”.

Here, courtesy of the tried and true recommendations of friends, are some instant, utterly non-scientific, light-hearted, no-cost, “quickies” to try when you feel the need to recharge energy or reset your mood!

BREATHE: If your energy is on the dip, try focusing on the breath. Inhale the breath through the nose to a count of 4, and exhale to a count of 8. Repeat a few times or until you feel balance and energy return.

ROAR! Best done in solitude. Inspired by the yoga “Lion” pose, roaring will awaken your lungs and, if nothing else will make you laugh at yourself. (And yes, laughter is another way to “reset” a mood.)

RISE & SHINE – ANYTIME! Being hunched over your computer all day is a sure fire way to block chi energy! The perfect antidote: a big, long, “rise and shine” style stretch that resonates from the tips of the toes right throughout the body.

BRIGHT IS RIGHT: Crazy rainbow striped socks, a colourful toque, a brilliantly colourful Lovbird tee. Layer on the colours, and see how they cheer your energy on!

BLOW THE COBWEBS AWAY: More breathwork! This time visualize your lack of energy as being cobwebs – then pout the lips, blow these imaginary cobwebs that are blocking your energy far away. Failing that, take a run/fast walk around the block.

WHISTLE: Our whistling friend swears this works as a fun mood changer/energy raiser. (And yes, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is her go-to tune.)

SWITCH OFF: You know it, so admit it: social media is a huge energy-suck. Check less. Live more!

DO IT!: That task you’ve been putting off for “ever” blocks your energy like a stone. Do it, and bask in the release that comes from having done it!

EEK & AH!: The eek! A quick cold shower for instant wake-up, shake-me-up energy. The ah! A long, warm bath with some stimulating (or relaxing) aromatherapy thrown in. To try: For energy: eucalyptus, rosemary, balsam or pine essential oils. For relaxing: lavender, ylang ylang, neroli.

None of the above will beat the combination good effects of a wholesome diet, good night sleep, and a healthy lifestyle but are fun to try when a quick reset is needed.

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