The Thing About Fall

Rather than hibernating, the joy of fall leans towards having fun, doing things, and embracing the new “cool”.

The strange thing about early fall, despite dark nights eating into our daylight, and that mellow autumnal spirit hanging in the air, the fallowness we anticipate from the season falters. Lazy lounging holds off.  Instead, in these glowing days of changing leaves comes a kind of hope, and a rise in spirits. Tasks and hobbies get renewed. Projects updated. The pastimes that made us feel like ourselves from journaling, to reading and yoga practice, are returned to. Instead of wilting in summer’s heat, we power ourselves to get down to the joys and business of living.

Instead of looking back, we look forward.
Fall isn’t an end, instead it’s the time to think ahead, Take the gardener who, before the frost of winter, sows and plants for next year.

In this spirit we can all use these mellow, more thoughtful, days of Fall to sow our own dreams and plans. After all, next year isn’t so far away…

Nature inspired.
On your nature and park walks, you begin to take note of what’s happening around you and get inspired. The birds packing up their nests, the possum carrying leaves to winterize its den, reminds you of your own need to get out the quilts (and cocoa) and get cozy. As for those birds flying south… Perhaps  it’s time to plan your own south-bound trip?

The inside scoop…
Admit it, as golden October shifts to grey November, there’s poetry in those drabber days. That sense of “moving inside” spiritually and physically translates to the kitchen where suddenly you are inspired to chop and cook and make hearty soups, stews and curries that feed the cook in you.

Get outside!
Even if you have to bundle up, get going with those outdoor activities!
Pack a flask of hot, spiced cider, gather the friends and have a picnic in the park. Take an evening walk around the local community as the spooky fun of Halloween start to appear in our gardens.
Power walk the local parks!
Wild swim? (Well, maybe!)

Feel the love
If, when you are out and about, you begin to notice more smiles emanating from local residents in their quilted vests and puffers, as they take to the parks and streets, hounds at their heels, you’re likely right. For fall, golden days, or not, is a time of good spirits.

Fall Philosophy
Fall is joy and sometimes gloriously melancholic, but as far as philosophy goes, there’s a life lesson to learn – as some “unknown” once said, 

"The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go."

Your Fall To Do:

Prep – tidy your garden for spring, and prepare a cozy meditation nook in your home for the winter.

Plant – everything from good intents to next year’s garlic.

Cook – bring your kitchen back to its roots.

Be energized – walk, jog, bike, get outside (take the cue from Nathaniel Hawthorne, read below.)

Create – Press leaves, paint the changing leaves alfresco, start a Fall journal

Be playful – organize a bird-watching hike or outdoor running club

Be generous – Fall is a time of thanks and giving, so from getting the bird feeders out to supporting your local community in what ways you can – donating to food banks, or even just saying good morning to a stranger.

Be grateful – let the mellower glow of the season power warm feelings of gratitude and calm.

Nathaniel Hawthorne "I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house. So, I have spent almost all the daylight hours in the open air."

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