Stay Positive

Why Stay Positive?

Storms come. Storms go.
That’s the nature of our weather – and life.
But all those who have the ability to look on the bright side of every life challenge – such as our current pandemic – tend to meet those obstacles with less stress and worry.

What are Optimists?

Optimists, or "Bright-siders" are a hearty crew. While mindful of realities, they nevertheless tend to roll with the punches…

Some experts say that having a sunny view of life is genetic and that being cheery in the midst of bad news might be something you are born with. It could also be due to exposure to good attitudes – if your family whistled their way through life's travails then chances are you will have the same attitude.

Good news is that you can also learn to be positive – developing a “get on with it” approach to life can reduce negative thoughts and help you meet life’s challenges head on.


Stay Busy!
Staying busy will keep you from checking the news every minute. Since we will likely be spending more time inside for the next little while, creating a comfortable haven will help to keep stress levels down.

Organize your workspace or begin spring cleaning. Adding space and air to your home with a clean-and-declutter mindset also helps revitalize mood and energy! Not only will it keep all surfaces clean and shiny, but you’ll be so ready to keep working on your new goals for 2020.

Up the Energy
Since you may be spending more time at home over the next few weeks, why not focus on improving the energy and comfort in your indoor/outdoor living spaces! Start by opening those windows wide and burning a little sandalwood to clear the room of negative energy. Sew up some colourful pillow covers with a bit of left over fabric to brighten up your seating. Paint an elaborate sunflower on the old garden fence, or order some seeds to plant and grow your own flowers on your deck or condo balcony.

Stay Upbeat
Dream up some plans for a date in the future — a trip with your family— a back-to-nature wilderness get away where you can get grounded and share a few laughs with nature's help. Stay at a friend's cottage, far enough from the city and the chaos, to give you the space to resume safe social interactions.

Colour It Up!
Brighten up your home's look with a splash of sunshine yellow paint. In fact any citrus shade can help create a sunnier outlook!

Start knitting again! There are so many colours of yarn there to inspire. Mix them up —make your neighbour a multi-coloured scarf for their upcoming birthday.

Take up painting. It can focus the mind and take away excess worry. Super cool how-to videos are easy to find on Pinterest.

Push the limits of your closet by combining your existing vintage finds and unique online deals to show off your own home.

A colourful clashing scarf…

An oversized pink tee…

A retro-red lip-gloss.

Those "truly original" orange striped leggings you borrowed from your sister.

Move Your Worries Away
The gym, community centres, and yoga studios may be closed, but thanks to the internet you can join a variety of online videos and keep your daily routines of stretching, strengthening and meditation that will keep you in the now. Each day take the time to still the breath and relax and restore through daily savasanas. ­­­Finish off with a stretch and a “happy baby” – a pose that makes us laugh and feel good. Not your thing? Then get outside in the early morning for a secluded walk, bike, or run, and relish the pleasure that a boost in endorphins brings. For free online yoga, check out, Power Yoga Canada.

Up the Beat. Beat the Blues. Make a Playlist
Music makes the world go around and is a real mood enhancer. If you haven’t already, curate a playlist of the music that sets your heart and soul dancing. Feel like sharing your top five happy tunes, comment on our Instagram or right here —my personal favourite is Khalid.

Stay Connected…Share a Smile…a Laugh
Sharing stories or a smile, connecting with friends and family across the globe or across town through the internet is a great way to support others who are coping with the isolation – and staying on the bright side. Use the free app, Zoom if you want to get together with the friend group all at once.

Flip The Coin.
There’s no denying that the current global pandemic has upended lives and the world will take time to recover, meanwhile, flip the coin on any negative thinking and start to consider anything good that has come out of it. You may have an enhanced sense of community. Rediscovered an old hobby. You may have learned how to bake bread, or found a Plan B to substitute for a job that has at least temporarily halted. You may have discovered that you have a “voice” and opinion about important social issues – think how the issue of "Universal Basic Income" is gaining credibility politically. You may find that the whole world makes this the moment to reset its priorities – including our care of the environment and others. The ultimate flip of the coin, is to realize that it is not just you the pandemic is affecting. We are all in this together and together we will get through it.

The Talmudic saying,“We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.” reminds us that dealing with life's challenges by looking - and living - on the bright side is as good a practice as any.

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