From the Heart 2021


It’s the end of the year,
and amidst the cheer,
a time to take stock
of the things we have within us
that make us tick (tock)!

Yay! There’s no art in being kind because it’s all heart!
Adding some jars to the community fridge.
Helping a senior neighbour with snow removal.
In short being kind is more than a motto to hang on your wall
but the many small actions that make everyone feel good.

Faith always believes there’s a bright side. Got it? Hang on to it.

It’s hot, steamy, it’s the fuel that makes you stay up late working on that novel, or sends you out in the cold for a wild winter swim. Running low on it? Pump it up!

Grudges are heavy going. Which is why there’s something liberating and happy-making about “letting go” and often forgiveness (even if it’s just in your own head) is the route to it.

Creative Thinking
A must! Creative thinking is seeing the countless and often unusual and sometimes impossible possibilities in all things and then making them work. It leads to transformations and can, even if obscurely, make things right – like how to make that delish dish when you’re missing half the ingredients (but you do it anyway!)

Bless it indeed! Because really you are rather more than a corporeal body needing a morning latte. In a general not too heavy way, it’s feeling the wonder that there’s something bigger. You can find your way into it by say, gazing at the stars, walking silently through a boreal forest, or during your savasana. Of course, what we are all aiming for is the greatest thing of all – the wonder of an epiphany.

So good for you it should be in Aisle 4 of your local pharmacy. Alone when listening to a comedy podcast, or with friends playing games, laughter of the full blown kind (no gigglefest here) is good for the heart and soul. (It’s also infectious, so remember to LOL!)

Without love the world would simply stop. Open up your heart to it.


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