Zero Waste & Wastefree Wednesdays


  • Patrisha

    Thanks for this. I’m always refining my “waste management”. Always having product and shopping bags in my backpack have helped enormously. I’m also rejecting products that simply have too much packaging around them. Hopefully brands will find a way of keeping products safe while minimizing packaging waste.

  • Ayrlie MacEachern

    some things to do to make eating out more eco:
    1) bring your own Tupperware when you go out for meal. pop it in your purse/bag. a) you may not over eat (b) you will not be using take out containers. whether they are made from plastic or paper single use sucks!
    2) when ordering a drink state clearly that you do not want a straw.
    3) if your napkin still has a good amount of ‘life’ in it then take it with you for nose blowing, or whatever else you may need it for later.

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